About Us

VMobile is a new telecommunication company working on mobile and fixed lines solutions.

Working since 2011, VMobile is established to give its customers accessible phone calls via their smartphones.

VMobile is a project strongly relying on innovations in telecommunication sector as well as our engineers’ and developers experience.

Our Mission

Your telecommunication expense. Optimized

Our team is perfectly familiar with the delivery of quality telecommunication services. As experts, we are aware of the fact that this process can be optimized much more. This means less costs for our customers, combined with the same or even better quality of what you get until now.

Our values

You are free…

The free access to data and information is key value of the society we`re living in. If this access is granted to all of us, this means we`ll be able to be more flexible than before, more effective and respectively – more successful.

With free data access we`ll be able to cut our telecommunication costs. Transforming voice in to data combined with the ability of public Wi-Fi networks for free data transfer, we`ll get cost reducing calls. No matter what country we are in, we couldn’t have to pay roaming charges.

Our goal

We are saving your money

At VMobile we are working to deliver our customers the ability of free and accessible calls. And to pay much smaller bills.